Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

christmas card

This other is christmas card I decide to use my stamps and make.,using up scap paper I have at home here.

missing you card

This is card  I drew by hand .THe cat I did by hand  and use stamp I had called Missing you,the flowers used were stickers I had.Fun card to make.No other card like this one.Drawing is other fun hobby not best ,not draw people .
BySue C,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Emboxx card

This is card I had emboo paper use it some heart brads d little touch to it.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Smudge stealing me chair at table do my cards at.

Me and my daughter Shannon

My favorite pic me long hair now late 40 my daughter few months old and my sister cat at time at my sister house.Daughter like 25 live in NYork she love it there.


Sunset in Kansas out where I live at.
Brutus the dog of coures his noisy squeaky toy and Smudge these two play and pick on one another al ot,both like year and few months old now.Smudge i resuce her my buddy.Hubby try nickname her hitler said no way her face up above her lip mustache like hitler has.


Sinbad he 14 his spot to.All white he hates kids for some reason,puts up with a germanshpeard all the time:}Name fit hubby said hated cats and lol saw Sinbad born fell in love with him and name him Sinbad it fit him to.Grr he hid his face just as I had the camera to cat for you.

my cat

Smudge my rescue kitten now is a year old and plays with my dog Brutus.

Flower card

Flower card I made.

christmas card

I like this horse card that I made to. Card making is fun hobby.

Christmas card

Here is another christmas card one stamp wish I had friend had sent me some images of hores picture,and made cards with them.

Christmas card

This is a Christmas card I made while back. Love making greeting cards. Plus drawing some love computer to.